Reviews Cyto Forte

  • Lana
    4 years suffering from a chronic form of cystitis. During the last exacerbation sister recommended drugs Cyto Forte – the next day after taking the pain and cramps stopped!
    Cyto Forte
  • Maša
    After the exposure for the first time in front of cystitis, pain peak of success in the Friday night – the clinic was already closed. The Internet has found reviews on the capsules cyto forteordered on a Saturday and by the afternoon I forgot about the pain. We recommend!
    Cyto Forte
  • Lara
    Cyto Forte – beautiful vegetable analogue of antibiotics for the treatment of cystitis and without side effects! Almost a year can't remember about urinary tract infection!
    Cyto Forte
  • Ana
    For several years I suffered from cystitis chronic while the new young therapist is not recommended capsules Cyto Forte. Cutting of course, the result appeared already in the afternoon of the first day of admission, the exacerbations do not remember half a year. We recommend!
    Cyto Forte
  • Nika
    The week suffering from pain and burning in the case of cystitis recurrent, the usual antibiotics do not help. The pharmacist recommended the drug cyto forte at the base of plants, dare to try and have not regretted. The next day I forgot the pain!
    Cyto Forte
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